With eight seasons and countless costume and hairstyles, Daenerys Targaryen has to be one of the most recognizable tv characters of all time. Over the years, we’ve done quite Daenerys Targaryen cosplay wigs, and we love them all. Which is why it was very satisying to create this custom wig based on season 7 Daenerys. 

We finished production on the Season 7 style for our Build Manager, Hannah. You can see her newest wig and some sneak peeks from behind the scenes are her photo shoot below. 


For more shots of Hannah’s costume work, catch her on Instagram @FabricnFiction.

To see more of our custom wig projects inspired by Game of Thrones hair, check out our Game of Thrones wigs project gallery page. You’ll also see Hannah’s other version of Daenerys, based on her hair and clothing in Qarth.