How long does it take to make a wig?

This is usually the first question people ask when they find out how custom wigs are made! It makes sense for people to wonder how long it takes to hand piece a foundation cap and then tie every single hair into it! Have you ever wondered how long it takes to make a wig? Here’s Heather to settle the question.

The simple answer is…it depends on the wig!

Here are the factors that affect build time:

Density – the more hairs needed to achieve the final style, the longer it will take to tie them all into the foundation. Thinner wigs needs less hair, so they take less time.

Color – we use multiple shades of hair to ensure our wigs have a rich, nuanced color. The more colors we’re working with, the longer it takes to tie.

Head size – larger heads have more surface area, so the bigger the head, the bigger the wig foundation. More foundation means more hairs!

Direction – sometimes a custom wig needs to have a meticulously placed part or the hairs need to be ‘growing’ in a variety of directions (think cowlicks or complex styles with lots of segments). Those elements take extra time to create.

Ok but you must have some idea how long it takes….give us an average at least!

In general, we assume a wig will take 40-60 hours to build. We use that average to plan our build schedule and it helps us avoid overbooking. When someone asks for a project quote, we use a spreadsheet to estimate the build time for that particular wig and that allows us to estimate the work hours and the cost for the wig in question.

What about styling the wig?

Styling also adds time to the project! Simple styles might only take a few hours, while more complicated or intricate styles (like the 18th century wig here) can take many hours or even a couple of days.

All in all, creating a custom wig from scratch, then styling it, is a labor intensive process but one that is incredibly fun and satisfying!

Large, complex 18th century style wig, brown with light powder, decorated with large blue feather plumes and ribbons
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