Custom Wig Consignment

We realize there might come a point where you’re not using your custom wig or facial hair as often, or you’re ready to try something new. Whatever the reason, if you have a CWC piece that needs a new home,  we’re here to help.

Our wig consignment service is an easy, secure way to sell gently used Custom Wig Company pieces. We’ll help you through every step, from cleaning and restyling the pieces to photographing and listing them to shipping. You trusted us to build your custom wig, now you can trust us to help it find a new home.

How custom wig consignment works

If you have a wig or piece of facial hair created by us, we’re happy to list it in our Consignment Shop. At this time, we are not able to arrange consignment for items we did not create. 

To take advantage of our service, start by sending us a message letting us know you’re ready to list your piece. We’ll confirm that your item is suitable for consigning and that we have space in the schedule to accommodate it.

Please do not send anything for consignment without pre-approval.

If you’re ready to get started you can fill out the Consignment Form.

Keep scrolling to learn how the process works. 

The consignment process in a nutshell

Once we’ve accepted the piece, we’ll suggest a listing price and email you the Consignment Agreement. The listing price will be based on the original scope of the project, condition of the pieces and factors like seasonal demand or market conditions.  

You’ll ship the piece to us and we’ll handle washing and sanitizing it, along with any repair or refurbishment the piece may need. Then we’ll style it. Generally that means we’ll restore it to whatever the original ‘look’ was, but in some cases, we may alter the style if think it will make the piece more versatile.

Once the piece is camera ready, we’ll photograph it inside and out. We’ll take measurements to help buyers evaluate the fit and sizing. Then we’ll list it in our online store. 

The initial consignment period is for 12 months. Your piece stays safely stored in our Vault until someone buys it or until the consignment period ends.

When it’s purchased, we take care of collecting the payment and shipping the item.

The Consignment Process – details

Upon receipt of the pieces, Custom Wig Company will perform an inspection to confirm the pieces are in good condition and suitable for consignment.

You don’t need to wash your items before sending them but all pieces should be free from glue, tape or makeup when they arrive. If there is any glue, tape or makeup on the lace or hair, a cleaning fee of $55 will be assessed. 

If we find any damage or other issues that cannot be repaired and that render the item unsuitable for resale, we will notify you and return the pieces within five working days. The owner is responsible for return shipping charges in that case.

Repairs or refurbishment

If the pieces are damaged, either from mistreatment or normal wear and tear and we can repair them, we will provide an estimate for that work to you.

Upon agreement of agree of the work, you will be invoiced and the work will be completed as soon as reasonably possible. Repair work of any kind must be paid in full before the items can be listed.

We will shampoo, condition and restyle the pieces prior to listing them to ensure they are in the best possible shape to appeal to buyers.

The Selling Process

We document the pieces in photographs and capture details of the items, including measurements, color and size as part of the store listing. The listing will describe the pieces as accurately as possible, including any defects or issues. Buyers are much more likely to purchase items when they feel confident in the condition, so we strive to describe each piece accurately and fully. 

Barring unexpected repair work, we’ll list the pieces within 30 days of receipt. We will be solely responsible for the sale of the pieces, including collecting payment from the buyer, collecting and remitting any relevant sales tax, and shipping the pieces to the buyer. 

When relevant opportunities arise,  we’ll promote the pieces to encourage their purchase. This may include featuring items on our social media or in our newsletter or displaying the pieces at events or conventions.

Payment and Fees 

In exchange for these services, Custom Wig Company will retain 40% of the final sale price of the item. The owner will receive 60% of the sale price for the item, less payment processing fees. Payment will be tendered via paper check within 10 days of the completion of the sale. We will email you a copy of the purchase invoice for your records.

You may also choose to have the Owner’s Share of the commission ‘banked’ with Custom Wig Company towards a future project. 

The owner retains full ownership of the pieces until such time as they are sold. 

Consignment Period

The consignment period shall be for 12 months from the date of the first online store listing. You may renew the consignment agreement at the close of 12 months. If the owner wishes to have the pieces back before the end of the agreed upon consignment period, they will be charged a $150 fee and any shipping costs.

While we will take any reasonable opportunity to promote the item and encourage sale of the pieces, we make no guarantee about the sale of the item.

Use this form if you would like to enroll your Custom Wig Company piece in our consignment service. The service is only available for pieces we created.

Wig Consignment FAQs

Here’s answers to some of the most common questions about selling or buying a wig through consignment.

Why should I sell my Custom Wig Company piece through your service?

While you can choose to sell your wig directly, listing it through out service offers several big advantages.

First, we are able to place the pieces in our store where they will be seen by thousands of visitors. Buyers will be more likely to purchase your wig when they can have confidence it its origins and condition – a listing in our store through our service provides that.

Second, we take care of cleaning, sanitizing and restyling your items. That’s work you don’t have to do! 

Finally, we handle photographing, listing, selling and shipping. You – and the buyer – can feel confident that your pieces are being handled by professionals who care for, package and ship hundreds of wigs each year!

What if I change my mind and want my wig back?

You can have us return your wig any time during the consignment process, unless a sale is actively pending. The consignment period is 12 months and renewable. If you wish to have your wig returned before the end of the 12 month window, there is a $150 charge. 

Once a sale is in process, we cannot return your wig. All sales are final, so once the transaction is complete, we can’t return the wig

What if my wig doesn’t sell?

We can’t make any promises, but our consignment track record is very good. There is a tremendous interest in high quality, handmade wigs and many buyers are interested in picking one up for a reduced cost. We’ll suggest a price that is fair and appealing to buyers and we’ll actively work to get your item a new home. 

But if we’re not able to find a buyer for your wig, you can request we return it to you at the end of the consignment period. As long as the full 12 months have passed, there’s no charge or fees for you, making the consignment process very low-risk.

How do I know I’m getting my full share of the commision price?

As the original owner, you’re entitled to 65% of the item’s final sale price, less  payment processing fees charged by Square or Paypal (typically 1-3% of the sale). To ensure full transparency, we email you an itemized copy of the sale invoice.

Will you tell me who bought my wig?

We respect everyone’s right to privacy, so we do not disclose personal or identifying information about the buyer or the seller to either party.

I’m shopping for a wig and I’m interested in purchasing one of the consignment pieces. How do I know if it will fit me? 

We include detailed interior measurements in each listing. We’re also happy to answer questions about any item, so please do not hesitate to ask! If you’re one of clients with a head or face tracing on file, we can check the fit of any consignment piece against your tracing to see how it fits.

I’d like to buy one of the consignment wigs but I don’t like the style. What are my options?

We are happy to change the style of any piece before shipping. It’s best to check in with us before you buy to make sure the style you have in mind will work with the piece. Please note that restyling service is $75 and will be invoiced separately after purchase. 

What if I don’t like the color of a consignment wig or want other changes or alterations made?

We can likely make changes to the wig for you but it’s best to check in with us before you buy! 

Common alterations include:

  • changing the color, including adding highlights or lowlights, grey/silver/white hair to the wig
  • putting a new lace front on the piece
  • altering the hairline, nape or other areas of the piece to improve the fit or look of the piece
  • adding hair to make the piece fuller

That’s not an exhaustive list, so if you’re interested in a piece that needs changing, check with us. 

We’ll also tell you candidly if the alterations would cost more than just commissioning a new piece. 


What if I want to return the wig?

All sales are final and there are no returns, refunds or exchanges on any items. If you’re not sure about a piece, we strongly encourage you to talk with us before you buy it. 

While we will do our best to describe the piece fully, including how it may fit, we ultimately cannot make any guarantees about the way a wig will fit you or look on you.

We are able to make alterations and adjustments to wigs. So we may be able to improve the fit or make other changes to improve the outcome. It’s best to check about potential alterations BEFORE you purchase. Note that alterations and adjustments are not included in the purchase price.

How do I know this wig is sanitary?

Great question! Each piece we accept for consignment goes through a thorough cleaning process to ensure it is clean and sanitary. You can feel confident the item is in pristine condition when you purchase it. 

Is a consignment wig as good as a new wig?

There’s no substitute for a brand-new piece that’s been made just for you. But buying a piece we created for someone else is a close second.

Remember, we only accept items we made for consignment, so if it’s listed in our store, you can feel confident the quality is on par with all of our other work. 

It’s not in our best interest to re-sell pieces that aren’t in good shape, so we only consign pieces in excellent, wearable condition. If a piece does have any defects due to wear and tear, they will be disclosed and documented in the listing. 

I want to know who’s wig I’m buying, will you tell me?

We respect everyone’s privacy, so we do not disclose personal or identifying information about either the buyer or the seller.

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