Becky, a Cyndi Lauper tribute artist from So Unusual, commissioned a custom Cyndi Lauper wig from us last year. We wanted to share the details of the creation of this awesome wig, Becky’s work as a tribute artist and how her new wig has fit into the act. Becky was kind enough to answer some questions and tell us more about her journey to portraying Cyndi Lauper!

Cyndi Lauper tribute artist Becky of So Unusual, posing for a selfie backstage, wearing a custom yellow and red wig

Backstage selfie, courtesy of Becky Finch, So Unusual

How long have you been performing as Cyndi Lauper?
I’ve been costuming as her and performing 80s music since at least 2012, but didn’t specifically PORTRAY her until 2022, though we’ve been kicking around the idea of the Cyndi tribute for a number of years.

Cyndee Lauper tribute artist Becky from So Unusual, performing onstage in a custom red and yellow wig and black and white polka dot dress
Cyndee Lauper tribute artist Becky from So Unusual, performing onstage in a custom red and yellow wig and black and white polka dot dress

What drew you to Cyndi and her music?
That she is UNAPOLOGETICALLY herself. That she is an icon, and an ally and outspoken for what she believes in. That she is an Oscar away from an EGOT. 😉 And that her music is super catchy, and fun, and sometimes poignant, and always heartfelt.

What’s your favorite thing about portraying Cyndi? 

Her boundless energy. It is so much fun! And getting to sing iconic songs like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Goonies” and “Time After Time” … when the audience gets excited and starts singing and dancing along…there’s nothing like that.

Cyndi Lauper tribute artist Becky from So Unusual performing onstage in a red dress with a white jacket, wearing a canary yellow and red wig

Do you portray other performers? 

No, though I do a lot of cosplay/costuming. And I am in another 80s band that does a variety of styles, but all from “The Golden Age of MTV” – Denim Arcade. But we basically portray ourselves, as opposed to the performers of the songs (though we do dress in 80s style!)

How did you decide on the style and overall ‘look” for your wig? What drew you to her VMA performance “look”? 

I feel like that VMA appearance was her most iconic look (of a lot of iconic looks!)…the first one that everyone thinks of when they think of Cyndi. Plus it’s bright and colorful for a good stage look! 

Cyndi Lauper at the 1986 VMAs, one of the inspiration images for the creation of Becky’s wig

Cyndi Lauper tribute artist Becky of So Unusual, wearing a custom red and yellow wig and white sunglasses

Becky trying out the custom wig just after it arrived.

What’s been the biggest change in transitioning to a custom wig? 

The amount of time it takes to make sure it’s on properly, and the care of it. It’s honestly the first time I’ve worn a lace-front wig. But once it’s on, it feels so much more secure and is way more comfortable than even a higher end non-custom wig. 

Creating the custom Cyndi Lauper wig

We built Becky’s wig entirely from scratch, as is the case with all of our wigs. The foundation was made to fit her head, as usual, but from there, the project was a little different! To get those distinct yellow and red colors just right, we created a number of color swatches and then Becky selected the final options. We then dyed all of the hair for the wig. Some was just red or yellow but other sections had to be dyed yellow and then over dyed with red to match Cyndi’s color.

From there, we had to tie in the entire right side of the wig, which was all canary yellow. Once that section was complete, we tied the section the next section, which was yellow hair overdyed with red, then the red left side of the wig. You can see in the gallery below how we sectioned off each color block as we tied. Most wigs are tied from the nape to the forehead, moving across the wig rather than in sections going front to back like this!

With the meticulous hair tying and dyeing finally complete, the wig was styled and shipped.

You can see some of photos of the build process in the scrolling gallery below.

Is there anything you’d like to add about your work or anything you’d like to mention? 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my sister Monica who has been instrumental in helping me care for, style, and wear the wig! She’s become my backstage help in getting ready for performances! And also my husband Wade, who pushed me to get a custom wig from you all, who is also the guitarist in the band. I’m gonna shout out the other band members as well: John on bass, Stephen on drums, and Sam, our audio engineer extraordinaire. 

Thank you for working with me and with So Unusual on the wig! It’s literally the crowning glory, and it helps SO MUCH in creating the character of Cyndi (or Syndee as I like to refer to myself, because I’m NOT Cyndi herself) on stage!)

Cyndee Lauper tribute artist Becky from She's So Unusual, performing onstage in a custom red and yellow wig and black and white polka dot dress. The drummer and guitar player are just behind her, the stage is lit in purple

So Unusual performing in 2023. Photo by Karen Grayson

If you want to learn more about Becky and So Unusual, check out their Facebook and Instagram

Or contact them at: or

(Photo credits! Stage/performance shots: Karen Grayson; posed shots: Wade Finch. If you see any video on our site, other than the official promo vid,  it’s likely to have been recorded by Chad Gilbert) 

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