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‘Famous Figure’ wigs and facial hair

Perfect for those who portray iconic figures from history or the modern era

Marilyn Monroe impersonator wearing a gold halter dress and platinum blonde wig

Wigs for tribute artists, impersonators, interpreters, and anyone else who dresses as a ‘Famous Figure”.

Our wigs and facial hair are all custom built. Each piece is handmade and carefully tailored to fit the wearer. We capture details like hair color and texture, growth direction, density, hairline, and style. At the same time, we make sure your wig or facial hair looks at home on you and meets your needs. Our goal is to help you transform into the person you are portraying.

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lace front george washington wig

A Few of Our Favorite Famous Figure Projects

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Cleaning & Maintenance Service  

Does your Custom Wig Co wig need some love? Check out our maintenance service.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Martin Jarvis as singer Tom Jones

In addition to our client support services, we’re proud to offer professional wig and beard styling tools, care and maintenance supplies and a selection of wig and beard tapes.

Wig Styling with Rollers
Purchase Wig Styling Roller Kit

If you plan to style your wig with rollers, this kit is a great addition. It is designed to be used with our Basic kit, so you won’t end up with duplicate tools! Like our other kits, these are the same tools and items we use ourselves.

Strips of wig tape
Purchase Wig Tape Sampler

‘Hold it Together’ includes 24 tape strips, four straight strips from six brands. Our wig tape sampler will help you keep your wig all day long.

When you’ve found the perfect tape, you can order it in rolls or bulk packs.

Wig care kit
Purchase Basic Wig Care Kit

We’ve put together a simple kit with the essential tools you’ll need to do basic upkeep on your custom wig or beard. These are all the same supplies we use in our studio. If you have longer hair, you might want to consider adding our Hair Prep Kit!