Caring for Custom Wigs and Facial Hair

We realize that having a custom wig or piece of facial hair made is an investment, and you want to get the most out of it. We also know learning how to wear, care for and maybe even restyle your new piece might feel intimidating.

Support and Help for our Clients

It’s very important to us that you feel comfortable and supported from the moment you place your order to the tenth (or more!) year you break out your Santa set – and everything in between.

Here are some of the ways we support our clients and some of the services we offer to help you get the most out of your custom piece, including our Cleaning and Maintenance Service.

Unlimited advice and ‘tech’ support

Once you’re a Custom Wig Company client, you’re a client for life. If you get your wig and have a question on day one, we’re here. Got a question five years down the road? We’re still here and we want to help. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had your Custom Wig Co pieces, we’re here to help you.

Here’s how to reach out if you have questions or concerns:

Email us anytime!

The best way to reach out if you have a question is to email us. We’re generally able to answer emails within one business day, often quicker. Besides the quick turnaround time, we recommend email so we can easily send you links to helpful resources or receive photos from you that help us understand your concerns.

Email also gives us a real-time record of your questions and our feedback or suggestions, which we keep in your client file in case you have more questions in the future.  

But what if I need more help than an email?

Sometimes it’s hard to solve a problem with just email or text. We also offer help via phone calls or video chats. If we can’t address your question or concerns fully by email, we’ll set up a one-on-one with you. 

In-person options

You can arrange an in-person appointment to pick up your pieces when they’re done. If you’ve received your pieces in the mail, you can set up an in-person fitting if you’re having issues and want to get some one-on-one help any time during the first year you have your wig. 

Wig Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Caring for a custom wig or piece of facial hair is an ongoing project. At some point, you’ll likely need to have your wig cleaned and refreshed. While you can do this at home (and we have tutorials to help you do it safely!), you can also send your pieces to us for some TLC. 

Our cleaning and maintenance service includes a full shampoo and conditioning treatment along with repair for normal wear and tear – things like removing stains or discoloration, mending the foundation or replacing shed hair.*

*All wigs or facial hair shed a small amount of hair over the years, this is completely normal and not cause for concern.

We are only able to offer our Cleaning and Maintenance Service for pieces we created.

To learn more or send your piece in, visit Cleaning and Maintenance

Santa Care Cleaning and Maintenance Service

Santa Care is our special annual program for our Santa and Mrs. Claus clients. If you have a Santa wig or beard or a Mrs. Claus wig, you’ll be thrilled with this easy way to keep your pieces in tip top shape year after year. Enrollment is only open for a limited window each year from January to March.

Please visit Santa Care to learn more or enroll in the program. 


Wig Restyling Service

Sometimes you just need a change! You can send your wig in to be restyled without the full cleaning. This is an especially popular service for our historical clients but anyone can take advantage of it.

Please email us to discuss your specific piece.

Wig Recoloring or other surface changes

Want to alter the color of your wig or change the cut or density? We do that, too. Please email us to discuss your specific piece.

Wig or Facial Hair Repairs

With proper care and handling, your piece, including it’s lace edges, will last for years. The majority of clients never need more than regular care and maintenance to keep their pieces in top condition.

But sometimes the situation calls for a little more intensive treatment. We offer all the following repair services for our clients.

Caring for a custom wig
  • Re-lacing Wigs and Beards

Over time, heavy use can start to degrade the fine lace. And, unfortunately, sometimes accidents or mishandling damages lace, too. To extend the life of their pieces, some of our clients, especially those who wear their pieces a lot, have their lace edges replaced.

A new lace edge lets you reap the benefits of a new wig without purchasing a whole new piece.

Re-lacing is also a great option if a change to the shape or size of your head or face has changed how your wig or facial hair fits.

The majority of our clients never need to have a piece re-laced. But those who do can send it to us and we’ll make it good as new. 

  • Other wig repairs or refurbishments

Proper care and handling of your piece is essential to its long-term use. But sometimes, things happen – whether it’s through accident or less-than-stellar handling, your wig or facial hair may get damaged. The good news is, we can fix (almost) anything that goes wrong.

This may include damage to the hair in your wig or beard or damage to the foundation or lace.

Prices for these services depend on the nature of the repair or damage. Please email us and we’ll be happy to advise you on options for your particular situation.

In addition to our client support services, we’re proud to offer professional wig and beard styling tools, care and maintenance supplies and a selection of wig and beard tapes.

Our online store is full of  the same professional quality tools and supplies we use in the studio, as well as a range of double stick wig and beard tapes. 


Wig Styling with Rollers
Purchase Wig Styling Roller Kit

If you plan to style your wig with rollers, this kit is a great addition. It is designed to be used with our Basic kit, so you won’t end up with duplicate tools! Like our other kits, these are the same tools and items we use ourselves.

Strips of wig tape
Purchase Wig Tape Sampler

‘Hold it Together’ includes 24 tape strips, four straight strips from six brands. Our wig tape sampler will help you keep your wig all day long.

When you’ve found the perfect tape, you can order it in rolls or bulk packs.

Wig care kit
Purchase Basic Wig Care Kit

We’ve put together a simple kit with the essential tools you’ll need to do basic upkeep on your custom wig or beard. These are all the same supplies we use in our studio. If you have longer hair, you might want to consider adding our Hair Prep Kit!

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