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Custom Wigs for 

Dolls, Puppets & Display

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Custom Santa Wigs & Beards

We create the very best custom Santa beards and wigs this side of the North Pole.

Custom Wigs for Displays Figures or Dolls

While most of our wig work is created for people, we also build wigs and facial hair for dolls, sculptures, and display pieces.

We’ve built custom doll wigs as well as wigs for puppets, replicas of iconic hair for display in exhibits, and full wigs for life-sized figures.

We can build display, figure, and doll wigs to fit heads as small as 9 inches and as large as 26 inches.

Like all of our other custom wigs and facial hair, these wigs are built from scratch and tailored to fit the figure or form. Display wigs are usually made from human, yak, or horsehair or from crepe or mohair. In some cases, we use synthetic fibers. The choice of fiber depends on the client’s preference and any original material.

We can work from measurements or a tracing, or you can send us a replica of the item.

If you have a doll, display piece, sculpture, or puppet that needs the perfect wig, look no further.

Custom Doll Wigs

Our custom doll wigs include many wigs for renowned doll-maker Jamie Williamson, as well as replica wigs for antique or collectible dolls. We can build wigs based on a doll’s original hair or create a completely new look.

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custom wigs made for two dolls

Custom Wigs for Ventriloquist Figures

We also create wigs for ventriloquist figures, both new and vintage. Some of our favorites include Charlie McCarthy wigs and wigs for Effie Clinker puppets. Many vintage vent figures had wigs made of mohair or crepe hair. We can replicate those fibers but we often simply use human hair. It looks very similar but has greater durability and is easier to style.

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Charlie McCarthy Wig

Real-life replica wigs we created for Phillip’s Puppets as part of a surprise gift.

John with his puppet figure

Doppleganger Puppet Wigs

People know us for our custom wigs and beards for people but we also create quite a few wigs for dolls, figures and display pieces. Some of these projects are nearly life-sized while others are quite small. In some cases, we are building wigs that recreate a vintage puppet's wig. Other times, we're creating an original design.    But for this project, the puppets were replicas of living people! We had a great time [...]

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Custom Wigs for Sculptures

If you have a life-size (or other sized!) figure that needs hair, we can help. Whether we’re re-creating an existing wig or building something new, we’re well-versed in creating top quality wigs for stationery and display figures. We work with museums and collectors around the country. 

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custom wig for antique sculpture of Jesus

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Cleaning & Maintenance Service  

Does your Custom Wig Co wig need some love? Check out our maintenance service.

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