Custom Wig Company Santa Care

Santa Care is our annual cleaning and maintenance service just for Santa and Mrs. Claus.It’s the perfect way to keep your holiday items in tip top shape. Santa Care is available each year seasonally. 

Santa Care 2023 is provisionally full as of July 6. If you’d still like to have your custom Santa items enrolled, please email Beth, our Santa Care Coordinator, will be able to assess your needs and let you know if it will be possible for us to service your pieces for this year.

Please note that enrollment will likely be completely full soon, so if you’re hoping to enroll for this year, we advise contacting Beth as soon as possible. 

We ask that as of July 6, 2023, you do not mail any items to us for Santa Care without pre-approval from Beth. 

We strongly encourage you to send your items in during the first quarter of the year, and offer the service at a reduced rate if you do so.

Santa Care is only available for pieces made by Custom Wig Company. 

For 2023, we are pleased to be able to offer some new premium services for your wig or beard. 

Santa Care enrollment includes:

  • Inspection and evaluation of your item(s) 
  • Repair of routine wear and tear to lace, hair and foundation materials
  • Replacing ‘shed’ hair due to ordinary wear and tear
  • Thorough washing of all pieces
  • An identification label if your wig does not already have one
  • Cleaning of lace edges 
  • Restyling to your specified “look”
  • The opportunity to purchase mustaches, eyebrows and other items at a discount
  • Return shipping

Santa Care does NOT include:

  • Significant repairs to pieces caused by improper care or handling, including damage from cutting lace too short
  • Significant addition of hair or other changes outside the scope of your original order
  • Removal of substantial build up of glue, tape, adhesive or makeup.

We are happy to do big repairs or alterations to the original scope of the piece if possible, but an additional charge will be assessed. In the event any of your pieces require repair work outside the usual scope of Santa Care, Beth will contact you with an estimate for the work before we do anything.

There is space on your enrollment form to request a significant addition of hair or to detail areas of damage or concern.

Ordering New Items

There is a space to order mustaches and eyebrows at the discounted Santa Care rate at the end of the form. The special rate is available only when using this form. Just mark the quantity needed and add the total to your enrollment fee.

You can also add our Santa Beard and Wig Care Kit, our Not a Whisker Stirring Tape Sampler, along with our canvas blocks and other styling tools to your enrollment at a special price.

When we send out your freshly cleaned and styled set, we’ll also send the new pieces. 

Details about our Santa Care Services:

Santa Care enrollment for wigs, beards and Mrs. Claus wigs  – Our signature service starts with a full inspection so we can be sure to address any areas of concern. Santa Care enrollment includes the removal of superficial debris on the lace and hair followed by a thorough shampoo. From there, your wig or beard is lightly conditioned and then styled according to your specifications.  Your wig or beard will look and feel good as new and be ready for a whole new season of joy and merriment. 

For mustaches – mustaches and eyebrows are thoroughly cleaned to remove makeup, adhesive and other residue. Then they’re washed and restyled and finished with a bit of our Peppermint Mustache Wax. 

In addition to enrolling your items for our standard Santa Care service, you can also decide to give your pieces a little TLC. 

  • Deep conditioning treatment – if your wig or beard hair feels dry, stiff or dull, it might be time for a deep conditioning treatment. This special service pampers your wig or beard with a salon quality conditioner that will soak in and restore softness and suppleness to the hair. 
  • Brightening treatment – if your wig or beard doesn’t seem as bright white or you notice areas of yellowing or discoloration, your piece might need a corrective brightening treatment. This process will help reverse oxidation, dulling and discoloration, leaving your wig or beard brighter, whiter and ready for the holidays. 
  • Wig or beard re-lacing – over time, the lace on your wig or beard may start to show its age. It’s also possible a change in your face shape means your beard isn’t fitting quite right any more. Or, your item might have sustained damage to the lace due to mishandling, improper cleaning or cutting the lace too short. The good news is that we can remove and replace the lace on your wig or beard and add years to its life. 
Item or Service Domestic

(before 4/30/2023)


(after 5/1/2023)


(before 4/30/2023)

Santa Wig  $90 $120 $140
Mrs. Claus Wig $110 $140 $150
Santa Beard with up to 3 mustaches $70 $100 $120
Additional mustaches (up to 6) $20 $25 $20
Re-lace beard $275   $275
Re-lace wig  $350   $350
Deep conditioning treatment (per item) $20 $25 $20
Brightening treatment (per item) $25 $30 $25
Elastic strap $5 $5 $5


Please fill out the entire form. This makes sure we know whose items are in the package in the event anything happens to the shipping label. It’s very important you include your name and contact information where indicated on the form. 

The enrollment form includes important information about packing and shipping your items, including our delivery address and policies.

As of September 22, 2023, Santa Care enrollment is full for items needing to be serviced and returned before Thanksgiving.

If you still hope to have items serviced and returned for December 2023, please contact Beth by emailing her at She will be able evaluate your needs and see if we can fit your pieces into the schedule. 

Santa Care 2024 enrollment opens January 2, 2024.


Please print the form, fill it out, and return it with your item(s).

As of July 6, 2023, enrollment is provisionally closed. Please do not send your items for Santa Care unless Beth, our Santa Care coordinator, confirms via email that we have room in the schedule to accommodate your items. 


Due to the high number of sets we receive each year, we cannot accept or process items without a printed form. The form should be included in the box with your set. Sets that lack the proper documentation are at risk of being returned unserviced!

The enrollment costs can be paid by sending a check for the total amount due or by credit card. 

When your item(s) is returned to you, it will also include an assessment from Beth, our Santa Care Coordinator, letting you know what was done and providing any feedback on the condition of your set when we received it. She’ll also let you know if any areas of your items are likely to need more significant repair or refurbishment in upcoming seasons. 

Shipping Your Santa Care Items

We strongly suggest insuring your parcel and following your parcel’s progress using the tracking number provided by your carrier. Because of the high volume of shipments we receive we cannot monitor incoming shipments.

Due to the rising number of lost and stolen packages, we recommend that you require a signature for delivery.

We cannot take any responsibility for an incoming package unless and until it is directly signed for by a CWC employee. 

  • If you have any questions about Santa Care, please email Beth, our Santa Care Coordinator, at 

If you have a question about Santa Care, use this form. Beth, our Santa Care Coordinator, will get back to you within one business day. 


We’re proud to offer professional wig and beard styling tools, care and maintenance supplies and a selection of wig and beard tapes.

These products are also available for purchase at any time in our store – click the buttons below to learn more about the items or order. 

strips of tape to keep your wig and beardon
Light peppermint mustache wax in a tin
Santa wig and beard styling and care tools
canvas wig block, wig head, canvas wig head
Wig Styling with Rollers

Your Santa order form includes the option to add these tools and supplies to your order at a discount.