Planning and ordering your wig or facial hair

Custom Wig Company brings together a talented and experienced team of wig artisans to handcraft your custom wig or facial hair. Our process is detailed and thorough, from initial consultation to the final brushing. We take pains to build a piece for you that fits like a glove and looks even better than you imagined.

Request a quote for your custom wig or facial ahir

To have a custom wig or facial hair created, you’ll start by requesting a quote for your project. We ask that you provide detailed information, including the hair colors, texture, length and style. We may request additional information, including research images or inspirational materials that will help us realize your project. 

The quote will include all the relevant options for your project with the associated costs. After reviewing the quote, you’ll confirm your intention to place an order by selecting the options you want and clicking the “accept quote” button. 

The quote will also include the option to add a canvas wig block and wig care kit to your order. 

The paperwork and payment schedule

Accepting a quote will hold your spot on the build schedule for 3 business days pending receipt of your first payment and signed digital contract.

Check out our Payment Plans to see which one will work best for you. 

We’ll also need your head or chin tracing – this is the MOST important part of your order! The tracing allows us to build a piece that fits you perfectly. We’ve created this video to show you how to easily make your tracings.

What happens next

Your contract will have the expected date of completion for your item(s). The date is based on either your deadline (if you have one) or your preferred payment schedule. Once the piece is ready, Hannah will email you photos so you can see how your piece looks and request any changes or adjustments.  

Once you’re satisfied with your wig or facial hair, we’ll prepare your order for shipping and get it dispatched. Please note that all items must be paid in full before shipment.

 While you wait for you piece to be completed, be sure to read through our Wig Owner’s Manual. It’s full of information on the tools and supplies you may want, as well as how to unpack and try on your new wig and answers to common questions for new wig owners.

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