‘I need 18 custom wigs for group trip to Carnival!’
‘We’re looking for a company who can produce a large set of wigs for our cast of theme park characters’
‘Desperately seeking someone to build a set of 6 identical wigs’
‘We need someone to design and create wigs for our film or theatrical production’

We’ve heard all of these and we’ve helped them all!

While many of our commissions are single wigs or facial hair for an individual client, we also accept large orders, including:

  • individual custom wigs created for a large group
  • sets of identical wigs built for a group or cast
  • multiple custom wigs for one person
  • sets of wigs for a theatrical production, theme park performance or other costume performance
  • wigs for use in art installations or other types of display
  • orders for industrial, commercial or corporate use 
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No matter where you’re going or how many of you there are, we can create a custom wig for everyone! 

Please note that our build process is the same whether we’re building one wig or 20 – each wig is a handmade, custom piece. That means we need time to build and style your wigs – so plan to get your group order in well before your event or deadline! 

We suggest ordering 6-18 months before your event to ensure sufficient turnaround time.

custom 18th century wigs for the masked ball

This is a set of 18 custom 18th century wigs created for a group heading to an event at Versailles. 


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Putting up a big musical or a small play? Or perhaps a film?  Whether you need custom wigs for a cast of one or a cast of 20, we can help. 

Custom Wig Co was founded by a theatrical wig designer and many of our artisans have worked in the business – so we know how to create custom character driven wigs and facial hair for performance spaces of all sizes. 

We create wigs using either stage grade wig lace or film grade wig lace and are happy to talk with you about which will suit your production best.


Wigs for Amadeus
Production Wig Design Service

If you already have a wig design for your production, we can create them accordingly. If you don’t have a wig design, we’ll be happy to work with you to conceptualize and design the wigs for your production for an additional fee.

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Do you need a set of identical wigs? Not a problem! Whether you need a set that match perfectly or have some variations (like color or style), we can create them.

You can opt to have your set of wigs built to all fit a standard head sizes, a range of head sizes or they can be custom fabricated for individuals while still appearing identical. 


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This is a set of standard sized wigs, all in the same color, but styled individually, for a production of Swing!

Let us handle the heavy wig lifting for your next large group. Contact us today for a consultation and quote. 

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