The difference between a lace front wig and a hard front wig is a topic that comes up a lot! Custom Wig Company’s founder Heather explains how a lace front wig is different from a hard front wig in this quick video. Not a fan of video? Scroll past it for a quick break down and photo.

The difference is whether the wig is intended to look like it’s the wearer’s own hair!

Most wigs we build here at Custom Wig Co have a very fine lace front and are intended to look like the wearer is NOT wearing a wig.

But sometimes a custom wig needs to look like a wig, most often when the wig in question is a historical piece that needs to look like an overt wig from the 17th or 18th century.

The goal with an overt hard front wig isn’t realism, it’s historical accuracy – so we create a very heavy, stylized edge on the wig. It’s not fooling anyone and it’s not supposed to!

So how do you know which is right for you wig? In most cases, if your goal is a wig that looks like it’s YOUR hair, you want a custom wig with a lace front. But if you are in the market for an authentic looking 17th or 18th century wig, consider a wig with a hard front.

lace front george washington wig

A historically styled custom wig with a lace front.

hard front historical queue wig

A historically inspired wig with a hard front.

One final note about wigs without lace –

There was a time when most machine made or mass produced wigs had a hard edge. That edge was generally concealed by styling the wig with bangs. The only way to get a with with a natural looking lace edge was to have one made by a wig builder.

In due course, machine made wigs began to have lace edges, though the lace is generally stiffer and thicker than that used for custom wigs. You can find both types of front on machine made wigs.

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