Learn how to trim lace on a custom wig or beard with our helpful video!

It’s exciting to get your new custom piece but you might wonder how to trim lace on a custom wig or beard. The good news is that trimming your wig or beard’s lace is simple. And our video will show you exactly how to trim lace.

Why is there a big lace edge on my custom wig?

Before you watch the video about how to trim lace on a custom wig or beard,  let’s chat briefly about that lace front edge. Your custom wig, beard or mustache has a margin of transparent mesh (usually called “lace”) around the front hairline and mouth area. When you see this mesh margin, you may think you’re supposed to cut it off or try to hide it. 

The lace edge might feel really ostentatious but the truth is, that little margin is very discreet. Wig lace is designed to match your skin tone and ‘disappear’ when you wear your wig or beard.

A lace edge serves a number of purposes. The margin keeps the knots from working loose from your piece’s hairline. The lace front also helps keep your wig or beard on and provides a contact surface for glue or tape. Because your custom wig or beard is tailored to fit you, the lace margin is shaped to your head and face. That means it helps keep your wig or beard  in the right place, covering your own hairline or beard stubble. 

Some people are nervous about trimming their wig lace but there’s no reason to be! Our video will show you how to trim lace on a custom wig or beard and help you feel comfortable and confident. 

And remember, it’s important to leave at least 3/8″ on your beard or wig.

Take a look at Beth’s tips for proper handling and trimming of the lace front on your wig or beard. 


Questions? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to check out the Wig Owner’s Manual for more information on caring for and wearing your piece! 

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