Custom 18th Century Queue Wigs 

Handcrafted custom wigs in 18th century styles 

gentleman wearing an 18th century queue wig

The finest 18th century wig to finish out your historical ensemble.

Looking for a custom made 18th century queue wig? Whether you want no side curls or all the side curls, you’ve come to the right place.

Our custom built 18th century wigs are available in a huge range of hair colors, textures and styles. You can also choose to have your 18th century queue wig made with a lace front, so it looks like your own hair, styled for the era, or your wig can have a period-inspired ‘hard-front’, so it looks like an overt wig from the era.

For our clients who want the most historically accurate wig, we also offer wigs built using 18th century methods and materials


gentleman wearing an 18th century queue wig

How to order your 18th century queue wig

We’ve made it easy to get your 18th Century Queue!

Just fill out the order form below. You’ll be able to select the right hairline and construction style for your wig as well as tell us how you’d like it styled.

Use our Queue Style Guide below to decide how you want your wig dressed. And remember, your wig can always be styled differently in the future!

How to choose between a lace front wig and a hard front wig

Lace Front Queue Wigs

A lace front wig has a fine, transparent mesh foundation that hugs the wearer’s forehead and covers their own hairline. The mesh (lace) disappears against the skin and gives the illusion that the wig is the wearer’s own hair. Choose this option if you want your wig to look like you’ve simply dressed your own hair in a period hairstyle. 

Hard Front Queue Wigs 

A hard front wig has a firm, defined hairline that is consistent with the overt wigs worn by men in the 18th century. This wig does not have a mesh (lace) front edge so there will be nothing on your forehead. Choose this option if you want your wig to like it is a wig, not your own hair. When worn, this wig will looks authentic to the 18th century but the foundation is made from contemporary materials and the interior would not look historically correct. 

This option is perfect for someone who wants a wig that looks authentic to the era when worn but who does not need or want a wig that is historically constructed. 

Historical Construction Option

This option is not suitable if you want your wig to have a lace front and natural, realistic appearance.

If you wish to have an 18th century wig made that is constructed from scratch using methods and materials consistent with those used by wig makers in the 18th century, choose this option. Every part of the wig is meticulously built from scratch, from the hand netted foundation to the hand woven strips of hair. Historical construction is ideal for someone who wants their wig to be as historically correct as possible, especially if the interior of the wig will be seen or displayed. 

Read more about our work researching and recreating 18th century wig making here

lace front george washington wig

This 18th century style wig has a lace front and intended to look like the wearer’s own hair.

hard front historical queue wig

This wig has a hard front and is intended to look like an overt wig worn in the 18th century

Queue Wig Styles shown on a collage style back ground

This order form is for a typical ‘queue wig’ – that is, a long wig gathered into a low ponytail that may be dressed in a range of styles. This hair and wig style was commonly seen in the 18th century. If you need a different style of 17th or 18th century wig, please contact us for a quote.

Once we receive your order from, we’ll email you invoice so you can make your first payment. Your first payment is due within three business days. Please only submit this form if you are ready to place an order. 

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