Learn how to clean wig lace and remove adhesive with our quick video tutorial. Cleaning your wig or beard lace after every application is a critical part of keeping your pieces in good shape. Removing adhesive, makeup or other deposits regularly keeps your lace in great shape. Adhesive-free lace also makes it much easier to apply your wig or beard and ensures a discreet appearance.

Beth, our Santa Care Coordinator, has been putting together some quick videos designed to answer questions and offer advice on wig care. This post is all about how to clean wig lace or the lace on your beard or mustache. 

Wondering about cleaning old glue off your wig lace? How often should you do it? What’s the best method to clean wig lace?

Check this video out – if you have questions, let us know in the comments! Though Beth is talking about cleaning Santa products, her advice on how to clean wig lace applies to any of our custom wigs or beards.


An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure when it comes to wigs or facial hair. Regularly cleaning your wig or beard’s lace and keeping it free from stains and residue will add years to the life of your pieces and ensure they look their best!

Our RESOURCE page has all of the styling tools, products and other wig resources you’ll need to care for your wig or beard.

Want to learn more about our custom Santa beards and wigs? Take a look at our main Santa Page

More information on wearing and caring for your custom wigs and facial hair is available in our Wig Owner’s Manual


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