Welcome to our Santa’s Workshop, the special section of our website with content just for our Santas. We’ve been putting together helpful videos and tutorials, including wig and beard styling, cleaning and maintenance and much more.

Where to Start 

Start with our Wig Owner’s Manual before moving onto the videos below. It will give you a breakdown of tools and supplies you’ll need. The WOM will also cover important basics, such as trying your wig or beard on for the first time, troubleshooting any issues with the fit, and how to keep your pieces in good working order. It’s an excellent primer for caring for your wig and beard, whether you are a new or veteran wig or beard owner, and covers many of the core concepts you’ll need to take advantage of the rest of the information here.

Once you’ve had a chance to read through the WOM, our videos on Putting on and Removing Wigs and Beards will show you the basics of wearing your wig and beard.

We’re pulling together a lot of information, in order to help our Santas through their seasons as much as possible. But don’t worry if all of this information seems overwhelming – not all of the guides and techniques here will be needed by everyone. You might not ever want to re-curl your wig or beard, but some of the information on handling and combing out a piece might prove useful to you. As always, don’t be afraid to let us know if you have any questions or concerns about your wig or beard – we’re here to help.

Santa mustache styling, cleaning and maintenance 


How to Keep Your Santa Mustache On

Check out these five common Santa mustache problems, and learn how to make sure your Santa mustache stays on!



How to put an elastic strap on your beard 

If you have one of our beards and you want to add a simple elastic strap to it, or change out an existing elastic, this quick video will show you how we do them.

How to safely pin your beard to a head block in order to style it 

If you are going to do any combing, styling or cleaning of your beard, you’ll want to pin it safely and securely to a block so you don’t damage the lace. This video will show you how to correctly pin the beard to a canvas block.

How to put rollers into your beard

If you want to add or refresh the curl or wave in your beard, this video will show you how to put the beard on rollers. The technique in this video will yield a soft wave with relatively tight curls.

How to remove the rollers and comb out your beard

Once you’ve put the rollers in, you have to take them out. This video will show you how to remove them, and how to comb the beard out to style it. It also covers some of the basics for doing daily maintenance on your beard to keep it in good working order.


How to safely pin your wig onto a block in order to style it


How to put rollers into your wig

If you need to re-curl your wig, this video will show you how to put rollers in for a gentle wave with some curl on the ends.

How to remove the rollers and comb out your wig – this also covers combing techniques for day to day maintenance 

After you’ve rolled the wig, you’ll need to remove the curlers, and comb it out. This video will show you how to comb your wig to style it, and also discusses basic daily maintenance.

These Santa beard and wig tutorials should help keep your Santa wig and beard in perfect shape for the whole season!