Canvas Chin Block for Beard Styling or Storage


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We are pleased to offer you the option to order the same canvas head blocks we use in our studio for wig building and styling.

Please allow one week for shipment if ordered alone.

These sturdy, durable blocks are the perfect way  to correctly store your custom wig and they are also an essential tool for styling and maintenance work.

If you already have a project currently in progress and you wish to order a canvas head, please email us directly and we’ll add it to the order.  Otherwise, please place your order through this page. 

Available in head sizes from 19″-25″ – please let us know what size you need. You can find this out by using a soft tape measure around the circumference of your head, just above the ears.  If we are already building a wig for you, we will use your head tracing to determine the correct size head block for you. 



Out of stock


You will need a canvas chin block to store and style your beard or other pieces of facial hai

If you’re going to be styling a wig, check out our Wig Styling Roller Kit!  If you have a wig project currently on order and you’d like to order a wig block, just email us and let us know – we’ll add it to you order.  For more information on how to use and care for your wig, check out our Wig Owner’s Manual.

Additional information

Head Size

19", 20", 21", 22", 22.5", 23", 23.5", 24", 25"

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