Care Kit for Santa Beards and Wigs


Our Santa beard and wig care kit has everything you need to keep your wig and beard in tiptop shape. Each product has been selected because it’s safe and appropriate to use with our custom wigs, beards and mustaches. 

The kit has twill tape and pins so you can correctly stabilize the wig and beard lace for styling or storage. There’s a sturdy, beautiful wooden comb that’s just right for smoothing and detangling. And you even get a tin of a peppermint mustache wax, along with everything else you need. 



Like our standard Wig Care Kits, our Santa kits will help you keep your wig, beard and mustache is perfect condition. The products and tools in our kits are the same as those we use in our studio. 

Your kit includes:

  • professional quality clamp for supporting a canvas head or chin block 
  • a wooden comb that’s perfect for smoothing, detangling and styling our pieces
  • twill tape and fine pins for correctly block the delicate lace edges on your wig or beard
  • large hairnets to support and maintain your wig and beard style
  • a folding comb with mirror – travel sized, so you can check on your look on the go. 
  • a 1 ounce tin of our special peppermint mustache wax 


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