Gandalf Beards and Wigs

It’s hard to think of a more iconic wizard than Gandalf the Grey. And the design of his clothing, hair and beard in the LotR and Hobbit trilogies has only added to his popularity. Given the love for Gandalf’s look, it’s not surprising cosplayers, fandom costumers and fans have been costuming as Gandalf for the past two (!) decades. Projects inspired by Gandalf’s beard and wig are some of our favorites and happily, we get many opportunities to recreate them.

Here’s some of our favorite wig and beards created in the style of Gandalf the Grey. Some of our clients chose to have pieces made that were very closely modeled on his on-screen looks. Others asked for changes to pieces to better reflect their interpretation of the character. No matter the design, we love building Gandalf beards and wigs.

Gandalf Cosplay Beards and Wigs

If you’re dreaming of dressing like Gandalf, we’d love to build a wig and beard for you! Whether you want a faithful representation of his film looks or have some changes in mind, we’ll create the perfect wig, beard and mustache for you.

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