What are the best tools for styling wigs?

Wondering what tools you should use to style your wigs? Heather has the list of essentials. Don’t like video? Scroll past for a brief summary on the best tools for styling wigs.

The best tools for styling wigs

You don’t need tons of tools or equipment to style wigs but you do need a few basics. 

  1. Wide tooth comb – this versatile tool will help you comb out tangles without damaging hair. It’s also a key player in styling, especially if you use rollers. These large combs are perfect for separating large sections of hair and shaping them or for gathering up big portions of hair for updos, pony tails and rolls. If you only buy one wig styling too, make it a wide tooth comb. 
  2. Rat tailed comb – this is a fine tooth comb with a long pointy end. Use the pointy end to lift small sections of hair up for styling – especially useful for putting rollers into a wig! Then use the comb end to smooth out those sections before working with them. A styling tool with a smooth, tapered end is incredibly helpful (maybe even essential) for styling with rollers!  The fine, narrow comb end is perfectly suited to smoothing out small areas of hair and forming them into shapes – think finger waves or small rolls. They’re also excellent for combing out and styling mustaches
  3. Sectioning brush – these have a tapered end similar to the rat tailed comb, but it’s usually not as thin. The brush end is great for smoothing out the section of hair you’re working with. If your wig allows for it, these brushes are great for backcombing – but be sure your wig is made to take that kind of handling! 

You can get away with just a rat tailed comb or just a sectioning brush because there is quite a bit of overlap between them. Both have distinct uses, however, so it’s great to have a few of each. 

There are tons of other hair styling tools out there. You may have a favorite tool that’s not on this list! But these are the three tools we use constantly in the studio and having these will set you up well for both day to day upkeep and styling. 

Do you need other things to style wigs?

The tools are a key part of wig styling but you may also want rollers (in various sizes), bobby pins, hair pins, duck bill clips or marcel clips. Which of these things you need will depend on your wig and how you’re going to style it. 

Check out our full list of tools, products, supplies and equipment that you may find helpful for working with wigs. 

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