We’re all big fans of Game of Thrones – how we’ll miss it now that the saga is finally wrapped up! Thankfully, we still have plenty of chances to revisit Westeros whenever we build a custom wig for a Game of Thrones cosplay! Here’s a few of our favorite Game of Thrones cosplay wigs. 


Game of Thrones Cosplay Wigs and Facial Hair Projects

Commissioning a Cosplay Wig

Every wig or piece of facial hair we create is built from scratch and tailored to fit the wearer. When we build cosplay wigs ‘inspired by’ a character or source, we ask the client to pick an image they feel most closely shows how they want their piece to look. Some clients want their wig or facial hair to be a very accurate representation of that image, down to individual strands of hair and shape of the hairline.  Others ask us to make changes  so their piece suits their preferences or image of the character. 


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