Would you like to take one of our wigs for a test drive? Maybe you want a really great wig for an event but you don’t think you’ll use it often enough to justify the purchase, you just want something special for a photo shoot. Our Rentals Program is ideal for weekend conventions and events.



You might have seen these wigs in our booth at events – now you have the chance to see one up close and personal! These are only a few of the pieces we’ll be offering as rentals!






It’s best to reserve your rental early, as availability will be limited, especially for larger events.  Use the form at the bottom of the page if you have a something in mind.

You can use the form below to tell us with WHAT you need, WHEN you need it and WHERE you need it.  We’ll let you know if the piece, the place and the times are going to work out. Please note that rentals will only be available in the continental US.

See our FAQ below for answers to the most common questions about renting a wig.

How will this work? How long do I get to keep the wig?  What does it cost to rent a wig? Those are all great questions – here are some answers.


How long you get to keep the wig is up to you, however, the longer you keep it, the larger the rental fee. Our standard rental period is eight days, starting on the day we ship the piece to you, and ending the day you put it in the  mail and send us the tracking number.  That covers most weekend events, with a bit of time to spare.

The current rental fee per wig is $75 with a shipping, handling and cleaning fee of $15. There’s no credit for returning the wig early, or for not using the wig.  Like renting a car, you have use of the wig for the allotted period of time, whether you wear it once, twice or never.

A few more things –

  • Your rental must be paid in advance.  If we have the piece you need and it is available when you need it, you’ll be invoiced and sent our rental contract. Once you pay the fee and sign the contract, the piece is reserved for you. Until the fee is paid, the wig is up for grabs.
  • If you need the wig for more than eight days, you can either arrange to rent it for two (or more) periods, or you can add on a day (or more) for $10 per day.
  • You will be liable for any and all damage the wig sustains while in  your possession.  You are likewise responsible if the wig is lost or stolen during your rental period. Loss or damage to the wig will result in your credit card being billed for the replacement costs.
  • You can’t cut, color, or otherwise change the wig.  Small adjustments to the style are fine, but anything that permanently or significantly alters the wig means you’ll be charged the replacement fee. If you have any doubts about whether a change is ok, just ask us!

Wig Rental – Cleaning and Hygiene

This is a very important concern – all of the wigs are cleaned and sanitized after every use. The cleaning fee assessed on each rental covers this cost to ensure a safe and sanitary experience for everyone. Renting wigs and costumes is very common in theatre,  so while this is a new idea in the world of cosplay and reenactment, it’s a common way of hiring in high quality or bespoke pieces for short term needs.

This rental program is intended primarily for cosplayers and historical re-enactors/interpreters, and is structured as such.  For long-term rentals, seasonal rentals, or multi-piece rentals, contact us, as those will fall under a different set of guidelines and contracts.  


Use this form to let us know what you’d like to rent.