Can I cut the extra lace off my wig?

The lace edge of your custom wig or beard might look conspicuous and you might wonder if you’re supposed to cut the extra lace off. While you can trim some of the lace to ensure your ears, eyebrows or mouth are free and exposed, it’s important to leave a good sized margin of lace intact. 

Here’s Heather to explain why:

It’s important to leave at least 3/8″ of lace on all the margins of your wig or beard unless doing so means there’s lace covering your mouth or ears. If you can leave more, try to do so. Even though it might feel like the lace on your forehead or cheeks is really obvious, the lace we use is very thin and fine and mostly disappears against your skin.

Additionally, a larger margin of lace more easily follows the contours of your face or head. That helps your wig or beard stay on more easily and can also make it easier to minimize the appearance of the lace. Cutting lace too short can lead to a ragged edge that stick out and draws more notice. 

When in doubt, it’s always best to reach out and ask us if you’re not sure about trimming the lace on your piece. 

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