The first step towards having a custom wig or facial hair item created is a tracing of the head and/or face.

This simple plastic tracing allows us to build pieces to fit the client perfectly. The tracing is far more accurate than measurements since it capture the shape of the head, face and hairline in addition to the size.

If you are only having a wig made, then you only need to send a head tracing.

If you are only having a beard or other facial hair made, you only need to send a face tracing.

If you are having a wig AND a beard or other facial hair made, you will need to send both a head and a face tracing.  

There is a video tutorial for both the head and the face tracing below.

Your contract will specify which tracings you need to send and the date we need them.

Please read this before you take your tracings! 

  • If you have hair that’s longer than a few inches, please see our Guide to Prepping Your Hair . The guide will help you put your own hair up securely and comfortably before you take your tracing. 
  • Please be sure to mark your hairline all the way around your head, including along the nape. If your hairline is not marked fully and clearly, there may be issues with the fit or hairline of your wig.
  • If you are taking a tracing of your face, be sure you mark very clearly the line along the front of your ear, all the way up to where the top of your beards sideburns will need to stop. We need this line to avoid any gaps between the top of beard and and the beginning of your wig or hair, so please draw the line all the way up.

In addition to our client support services, we’re proud to offer professional wig and beard styling tools, care and maintenance supplies and a selection of wig and beard tapes.

Our online store is full of  the same professional quality tools and supplies we use in the studio, as well as a range of double stick wig and beard tapes. 


Wig Styling with Rollers
Purchase Wig Styling Roller Kit

If you plan to style your wig with rollers, this kit is a great addition. It is designed to be used with our Basic kit, so you won’t end up with duplicate tools! Like our other kits, these are the same tools and items we use ourselves.

Strips of wig tape
Purchase Wig Tape Sampler

‘Hold it Together’ includes 24 tape strips, four straight strips from six brands. Our wig tape sampler will help you keep your wig all day long.

When you’ve found the perfect tape, you can order it in rolls or bulk packs.

Wig care kit
Purchase Basic Wig Care Kit

We’ve put together a simple kit with the essential tools you’ll need to do basic upkeep on your custom wig or beard. These are all the same supplies we use in our studio. If you have longer hair, you might want to consider adding our Hair Prep Kit!

How to Take a Head Tracing

If you’re having a wig made, use this video to create your head tracing.

How to Take a Tracing of Your Face

If you’re having a beard or other facial hair piece made, use this tutorial to create your tracing.

Shipping Your Tracing

Once your tracing is done, fold it in half and send it to us in a large envelope. The Postal Service’s Flat Rate and Priority Mail envelopes are perfect but any large envelope is fine.

Your tracing is very sturdy, so we ask that you do not use large boxes or bubble wrap or packing peanuts. These are unnecessary and create waste and mess.

Custom Wig Company’s shipping address is:

Custom Wig Company
743 E. Broadway, #271
Louisville, KY 40202

Please note that this location is simply where we receive our mail, it is not a storefront.

Our work studio is at a different location, so if you have an appointment at our studio, you’ll receive directions to that location instead. 


Essential Wig Styling Supplies

everything you need to style, wear and care for your wigs

Essential Wig Supplies