Tier 2.5 Santa Beards

This is a newer category, based on feedback from our clients. Although it’s the most recent addition, it’s our most popular tier.

If you like the general look and scale of our Tier 2 sets, but want a little more length and a little more volume, then 2.5 is your Tier! Beards in this Tier are around 12″-14″ long when measured from under the lower lip to the longest point. In addition to being longer than a Tier 2 beard, they have a little more hair.

Curlier styles will appear shorter than straighter styles but they’ll also look fuller. 

A Tier 2.5 beard is also a great choice for taller Santas who like the look of a Tier 2 beard and wants a similar proportion.

Tier 2.5 might be right for you if:

  • you want a very full beard that isn’t as long as a Tier 3
  • you want like the look of our Tier 2 beards, but you are over 6’2 or have a large build
  • you want your wig hair and your beard hair to form a continuous “mane” that frames out your face (pair with a Long or Extra Long wig)

The photos below are all Tier 2.5 beards in a variety of styles.  See our Style Guide for some of the options. 

Here are some of our Santa clients wearing Tier 2.5 beards

Which Custom Santa Beard Tier is Right for Me?

Tier 1 Santa Beard

Santa wearing a red hat and a white beard
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Tier 2 Santa Beard

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Tier 2.5 Santa Beard

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Tier 3 Santa Beard

Tier 3 Santa beard, worn by Santa Conway in a red suit with green gloves
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Our Santa Wig, Beard and Mustache Style Guide

The most fun part of ordering your new wig or beard is picking how it’s styled! Our Style Guide is a catalog full of styles for you to choose from.

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Santa Care Cleaning & Maintenance Service  

Our annual  Santa Care Cleaning and Maintenance Service is available each year for our Santa and Mrs. Claus clients. With this special service, you can send your pieces to us after the holiday season for a full cleaning and restyling, as well as repair and maintenance for standard wear and tear. 

Santa Care enrollment opens on January 3, 2024.  For more information on this service click the button below.

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professional Santa beard and wig

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