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Custom Santa Wigs & Beards

We create the very best custom Santa beards and wigs this side of the North Pole.

The very best wig or facial hair to finish your cosplay

Your costume is a work of art, a feat of creativity and engineering, a labor of love.
It deserves the very best.

Whether you need a great custom wizard beard, a pirate wig or a multi-colored wig for your original design, we can help you take your costuming to the next level.

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Film and tv studios hire highly skilled wig artisans to build their wigs and facial hair.

So can you when you commission a cosplay or fandom wig or facial hair from Custom Wig Company.

Our custom character and cosplay wigs and facial hair are made to order, built from scratch and look like your grew it yourself.

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Cleaning & Maintenance Service  

Does your Custom Wig Co wig need some love? Check out our maintenance service.

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