The Chevalier fancy queue wig is part of our 18th Century Collection. It is built by hand using historical materials and methods. The hair is created by hand weaving strands into strips called wefts. The wefts are stitched to the foundation, which is made from a custom tailored mesh.

The Chevalier 18th century wig is a more elaborate wig, such as a fine gentleman or member of the landed gentry might have worn. 


custom 18th century styled wigs

The wig is created from human hair and can be made in most natural hues, including black, brown, blonde and red shades or in a wide range of grey blends.  The Chevalier is also available in yak hair, as shown in the example.

The wig is dressed in a continuous roll around the head.  You may request instead to have no curls or individual side curls (buckles).  The queue is clubbed. You may choose to have a braid instead, or another style if you prefer. 

The wig will work very nicely with hair powder, should you wish to powder your wig.  

The Chevalier 18th Century Wig is $1800. We offer a wide range of flexible payment plans – you may choose to make 2, 3 or 4 payments or to spread the cost out monthly for up to 12 months.  Like all of our custom orders, your wig will take time to build.  If you have a specific deadline, please let us know, otherwise, please allow at least 10-12 weeks for delivery.  

If you are ready to place your order, please use the form below. If you have questions about our wigs, please feel free to contact us.  To create your wig, we will need a tracing of your head. This tracing will let us build the wig foundation to fit both the shape and the size of your head, which will ensure a comfortable fit with the correct placement of the wig’s hairline.

We also offer “discreet” historical wigs, which are intended to look like the wearer’s own hair has been dressed in a period style, as well as other 18th century options for men.  To learn more about these, visit our main Historical Wig page or contact us