Historically Constructed 18th Century Wigs 

Since the founding of our company in 2010, we dreamt of researching and developing a line of  wigs built using period  techniques and materials.  In 2017, we began the journey to learn how wig makers in the 17th and 18th century built their wigs. Our research included learning how to create knitted net foundations and hand-woven weft. We also studied extant examples of wigs to see how the internal structures were built. From there, we crafted some test wigs to see which materials and techniques lent themselves best to being worn in the modern era.

custom 18th century styled wigs


If you’re looking for a top quality historically styled wig that is intended to look like your own hair, our Custom Historical Wigs offer the very best is discreet, lifelike historical hairstyles.  Our Custom Carnival Wigs are perfect whether you want a historically based styles or a fabulous, over the top look. 

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The Creation of our 18th Century Wigs 

The foundation for the wig is handmade netting, produced to the size and shape of your head. The hair is hand-knotted into  strips called “weft”, using of a pair of wooden weaving posts and silk threads.  These handmade strips of hair are produced to exactly the size needed for each row of hair in the wig.  The strips are then hand sewn to the foundation.  Once the wig’s hair is attached, the wig is cut and styled.  

It is with tremendous pride and pleasure that we present the 18th Century Collection. For more photos and additional information, including the order form and details, please click on the photo or name of the wig. 

Check out Making the 18th Century Collection to learn more about the methods and materials we use to build these historical wigs. 

18th century yak wig made using historical methods, curls descending from a center part, worn by a man in 18th century clerical attire with white geneva bands
gentleman wearing an 18th century queue wig
hard front historical queue wig