Hair Prep Kit


If you have hair longer than 4-6″, you’ll probably want the items in our Hair Prep kit.  It comes with a set of the basic supplies you’ll need to pin up and secure your own hair, and to secure your wig to your head.

This kit  comes with:

  • mesh wig cap (2) – a very useful item if you have longer hair.  Please specify brown, black or blonde in the notes section of your order – it’s usually best to have your wig cap match your own hair color. 
  • bobby pins – for pinning your own hair into place under the wig and for securing your wig’s nape in place
  • hair pins – use these u-shaped pins to anchor your wig firmly to your head


Our Hair Prep Kit has all the supplies you’ll need to put your long hair up securely under your wig. If you are just starting out and do not yet have basic tools and supplies, you will probably want to purchase a canvas head block and our Basic Wig Kit.

Please allow one week for shipment of this item if ordered alone.

There are no refunds or returns on wig kits or tools. 


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