Custom Santa Wigs

We create the very best custom Santa beards and wigs this side of the North Pole.

Custom Santa Wigs 

Our custom Santa wigs are handmade from scratch and carefully tailored to fit your head. Each wig has a fine lace front hairline to ensure your wig looks absolutely nature, even when you take your Santa hat off!

But what kind of Santa wig should your order? 

It depends on how you want your Santa hair to look. We offer three types of Santa wig – Short, Long and Extra Long. 

If you prefer a trimmer head of hair, a Short wig is probably right for you and there are many styles to choose from in our Style Guide. Short wigs are above the collar and may be tapered through the back or all one length. They can be styled in curly, wavy or straight styles and can have a side or center part. Short wigs can be worn with all four tiers of Santa beards but are most often paired with Tier 1 beards.

Santas who like long, flowing hair will probably be happiest with a Long Wig, which will be around shoulder length on most Santas. Long wigs have the largest range of style options, including wavy, curly and straight. Long wigs work well with every Tier of Santa beard, though they’re most proportional with Tiers 2, 2.5 and 3. 

And finally, our Extra Long wig is simply a couple of inches longer, making it a great choice for the Santa who wants a wig that flows past his shoulders or for a taller Santa who wants a shoulder length wig. Like the Long wig, it has a large range of styling choices and is best paired with longer Tier 2.5 or 3 beards.

Short Santa Wigs

If you like Edmund Glenn’s iconic Miracle on 34th Street look, or prefer a shorter or tapered hairstyle, consider one of our Short Santa wigs.

Our short wigs are perfect for the Santa who likes a more contemporary, trim hairstyle or prefers his wig be collar length or shorter. Short wigs are available in a wide range of styles. 

Edmund Glenn’s hair in Miracle on 34th Street is one great example of the general look and feel of a shorter wig.

A short wig is $1250.

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Short Santa Wig on a Mannequin Head
Long Custom Santa Wig

Long Santa Wigs

If your idea of Santa includes flowing white hair that lands below the collar or rests on the shoulders, a Long Santa wig is for you.

Long Wigs are available in a large range of hairstyles, including wavy, curly, straight and everything in between. 

Long Wigs work well with all four Tiers of beards and complement nearly every beard style well. 

A long wig is $1350.

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Extra Long Santa Wigs

This is a great option for the Santa who wants his hair to be well past the shoulders or a very tall Santa who wants his hair to be around shoulder length. 

Extra Long Wigs are about two inches longer than our Long wigs and are available in a large range of hairstyles, including wavy, curly, straight and everything in between. 

Like our Long Wigs, Extra Long wigs work well with most beard styles but are better paired with longer beards (Tier 2, 2.5 and especially Tier 3).

A long wig is $1350.

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Extra Long Santa Wig

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Get Our Santa Wig Style Guide

The most fun part of ordering your new wig or beard is picking how it’s styled! Our Style Guide is a catalog full of styles for you to choose from.

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Santa Care Cleaning & Maintenance Service  

Our annual  Santa Care Cleaning and Maintenance Service is available each year for our Santa and Mrs. Claus clients. With this special service, you can send your pieces to us after the holiday season for a full cleaning and restyling, as well as repair and maintenance for standard wear and tear. 

Santa Care enrollment for 2022 opens on January 4, 2022.  For more information on this service, including the enrollment form, click the button below.

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