We’ve put together this guide to custom Santa beard and wig styles to help you decide how you want your pieces to look.

There is a space on the CUSTOM SANTA ORDER FORM to note which Santa beard, mustache and wig style you like.

You can place an order without knowing exactly how you want your pieces styled. And you can change the style you’d like, as long as we haven’t started building your pieces.

Keep in mind that the Santa beard and wig styles you see here represent only SOME of the possible styling options for your Santa pieces. These are the most commonly requested styles, but they are by no means the only options. If you don’t see what you have in mind, that’s ok! You can use Santa images from real life, film, tv or print media as a reference, or refer to some of the pieces in our client galleries. 

If you’re still not sure what Tier you wish to order, check out Which Tier is Right For Me?

Santa Wig Styles 

If your order includes a wig, these are some options for how it can be styled.   While our Tier 1 beards are most commonly paired with shorter wig styles, and our Tier 2, 2.5 and 3 beards are most often worn with longer wigs, it is possible to have a shorter wig and a longer beard.

Custom Santa Wig Styles

Santa Beard Styles 

Most of the images pictured here are being used because they best showcase the particular style.  You may see a beard style you really like, but want yours to be longer or shorter . That’s fine, these images are just a guide to the overall hair or beard style (wavy, curly, straight, etc). Most of these styles can be applied very easily to beards of any tier.

Though most of these beards are pictured with a mustache, these photos are really about the beards. Don’t feel like the pictured beard style is tied to the mustache in the picture. There is a final style section below for mustache options, and you can use those images to pick your mustache style. 

Different Styles of Santa Beard

Santa Mustache Styles 

Once you’ve decided on your wig style and your beard style, it’s time to pick your mustache style! Like the beards and wigs pictured above, these are only some options. If you don’t see the style of mustache you’d like, you can send us a photo or other reference to one you do like.


Custom Santa Mustaches

 If you have questions about any of the images here, just let us know – we will be happy to discuss any of these styles further!