We take tremendous pride in the quality of the custom wigs we built. In most cases, our clients want a wig that looks discreet and realistic, though of course there are some times when a wig needs to look like a wig! 

Our Custom Wigs and Daily Life Use

All of our wigs are custom made pieces built from scratch and tailored to fit the wearer.  Most have a fine stage grade lace front and hand-knotted hairline. They look very realistic, even up close, but they’re constructed with an eye to onstage use or costume use or other situations where ‘stage’ or presentational level realism is the goal. For that reason, we do not consider ourselves specialists when it comes to building wigs for daily wear or use in day to day life. That means our wigs may not meet the needs of someone seeking a wig for use every day in their ordinary life.

Having said that, some of our clients do wear them in day to day situations and are very pleased with the results. But there are a few things you should know if you’re considering commissioning us to build a daily wear wig for you.

Potential Day Wear Wig Limitations

  • First, the lace front – although very discreet –  is visible in most cases. This means the wig may lack the level discretion many people prefer for daily life, even if the wig has bangs.
  • They can require longer to apply than wigs designed specifically for use in everyday life. Our custom wigs will generally require you to carefully pin up and secure your own hair, if your own hair is longer than an inch or so. You’ll likely need to pin the wig to your head for the most secure attachment and you may need to glue or tape the lace in a few spots. 

Your wig will likely need to be restyled periodically and it will require routine maintenance to keep the hair and foundation in good shape.

These factors mean that although we think our wigs are excellent, they may not meet the needs of people looking for a wig for daily wear or day-to-day life. 

If you’ve made it this far and are interested in exploring how our wigs may work in your daily life, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you decide. 

custom bob wig for daily wear, human hair, black, with bangs
Daily wear wig, custom made, black with red bangs

Two custom wigs for daily wear use we created for clients. In both cases, we talked at length with the clients to make sure our style of wigs would meet their needs. The wigs are made from scratch, tailored to fit the wearer and styled to their specifications. 

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