Blonde Cosplay or Historical Wig


This charmer was a shoe-in for “Lockhart’ in our Harry Potter character wig display but it would work great for any character with short blonde hair – like Stede Bonnet, for instance. Just add some wave and a pair of custom sideburns! 

It would also work well for later 19th  and 20th century men’s styles or for any character with short, parted hair. 

  • fits approximately 21-22″ head. Additional measurements: Ear to Ear – 10.5″, Forehead to Nape – 11.5″
  • human hair, five color blend with body wave
  • fully hand-knotted wig with fine lace front
  • wig has a caul net section which provides a small amount of stretch
  • wig is in great condition but does have one small pin hole in the lace front, near the right ear, as pictured. This hole isn’t repairable without putting a new front on the wig but also won’t compromise the fit, appearance or application of the wig. 

Possible alterations:

  • adjusted or expanded hairline or new lace front to expand the fit
  • addition of high or low lights
  • barbering or restyling



  • all sales of store items, including wigs, are final. No refunds, returns or exchanges. 
  • any wig or piece of facial hair listed is in good, wearable condition, including the hair, foundation and lace, unless otherwise noted in the description. 
  • we do our best to fully describe the piece, including providing measurements of the interior and information about the size of the head the piece was built to fit. We can’t guarantee a piece will fit you, however, even if the measurements are close because the shape of each person’s head is unique. 
  • pieces may have been worn previously. All pieces have been cleaned and sanitized, including the lace and foundation. 
  • if you have any questions about a piece, we encourage you to ask before you purchase. We are happy to help you decide if a piece is right for you.
  • if you’re an existing client with a head or face tracing in our files, we’ll be happy to do a quick ‘test fit’ of a wig or piece of facial hair to give you a better idea of how an item might fit you. 


If you wish to purchase one of the Vault wigs but want some changes made to it, we may be able to accommodate that!

Here are some of the things we may be able to do to the wig once you have purchased it.

Charges apply for these services but we will be offering a discount of 10% to any service on a Vault item within 30 days of purchase.

  • Change the style 
  • Add a new lace front to change the hairline or improve the fit
  • Adjust the color by application of surface dyes or by adding in more hair. 
  • Adding more hair to make a piece fuller or longer
  • Adding custom built hairpieces to expand the style options for the wig

If you’re interested in any of these alterations, you can reach out to us before you purchase a wig to see what may be possible. 

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