The margin of mesh is part of the structure of your wig or beard, and it is designed to help keep your piece in place and also ensure it looks as discreet as possible.  While it may feel a little odd at first to wear a wig or beard with a mesh lace edge, rest assured the the mesh is transparent and nearly invisible. You can usually trim a bit of the lace away, if it is coming over your eyebrows or lips, but trimming it too short will actually make it harder to hide the hide and will also affect the fit and durability of your item. Makeup will accumulate in the mesh quickly, and ultimately discolor, causing the mesh to stand out against your skin. The best way to “hide” the mesh is to ensure that it is placed correctly on your head or face, and that the edges are neatly glued or taped down.  Keeping the mesh lace clean and free from makeup and adhesive residue will also ensure the most discreet appearance.