Wearing lace front wigs

It’s important your own hair be arranged the same was it was for your head tracing. That ensures your wig will fit correctly. If the wig doesn’t fit correctly, then you won’t be able to apply it correctly. Position the wig on your head and gently pull it forward so the lace front covers your forehead and the wig’s hairline covers your own. It’s best to do this in front a mirror, especially the first few times you apply your wig. 

Once the wig is in the correct spot, you need to secure it to your head and face. If you have hair ‘in a prep’ under the wig, you may want to start by pinning your wig to your head through your own hair. That will keep the wig on your head. If you don’t have enough hair to put into a prep, then you’ll simply proceed to the next step.

Once the wig is in place and pinned if necessary, use liquid adhesive or double stick tape to secure the wig lace to your skin at the temples. In almost all cases, that’s the only spot you will need to use glue or tape. 

Wearing lace beards and other facial hair

If your custom beard has an elastic strap, then you can put it on and set it into position, letting the strap do the work of keeping the beard on. For pieces that do not have a strap, you’ll need to glue or tape them in place. Whether it’s a large beard, a small goatee or a mustache, start in the middle and work your way out. That will ensure the piece is in the right position. 

If you’re using liquid adhesive, paint a thin coating of it onto your skin, then let it get tacky. Press the piece into the glue, beginning in the center and working your way out. Note that some adhesives may have other application methods – so always defer to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. 

If you’re using tape, peel one piece of the tape backing away to reveal a sticky surface. Then press the sticky tape onto the piece where you want to stick it to your skin. Put all the pieces of tape on the piece, then carefully remove the other backing. If the backing is difficult to remove, try creasing one corner of it. 

Once the piece has all the tape you wish you to use attached and the backings are removed, press the piece to your skin, beginning in the center.