You can use toupee tape or a liquid adhesive to attach facial hair and anchor wig lace.  You may discover some trial and error is required to figure out the best products for you and your skin. Toupee tape is a double stick tape available at many local retailers and ProFace makes a wonderful tape especially for attaching prosthetic pieces and hair goods. Some experimenting will help you decide what type of tape works best for you.

There are two common types of liquid adhesives, spirit gum and prosthetic adhesives. Spirit gum is a resin used for adhering lightweight items, such as facial hair, to the skin. It works best when a thin layer is applied to the skin, allowed to set up for a minute, and then the item to be glued is pressed into the tacky glue. Since spirit gum can irritate the skin with frequent use, you might find that  applying a very thin layer of zinc oxide ointment to the skin prior to using spirit gum will lesson irritation.

Prosthetic adhesives are similar to spirit gum in their use, but generally provide a more durable bond and are generally less harsh on the skin. Application techniques depend upon the individual product, so be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions. They work well for situations with a lot of moisture or for longer wearings. These types of adhesives need to be removed from lace as quickly as possible after wearing to ensure they do not gum up the lace. For adhesive removal and lace cleaning, please check out this handy guide 

To remove a piece that has been glued to your skin, use a cotton ball soaked in Spirit Gum Remover or other adhesive remover (such as Ben Nye Bond Off) to loosen the glue. Then gently peel the lace from your skin and remove the piece. If the glue is stubborn, use more remover rather than tugging on the lace – both your skin and wig lace are delicate! Once the piece is off of you, use more remover on your skin to take away the glue residue – then clean the glue off of your piece using the instructions above. Do not use oil based removers on your lace pieces as they can degrade the delicate lace.

You can buy spirit gum and prosthetic adhesives, as well as various removers from a variety of manufacturers, some of the most common are Ben Nye, Mehron and Kryolan. Many costume or Halloween stores stock spirit gum, and you can purchase it in a variety of sizes from Alcone Company by phone or via their website,