blocked wig

A lace front wig blocked down using twill tape. This is a “basic” blocking for storing and minimal styling. If you are going to put the hair in rollers or handle the hair vigorously, us more pins along the twill tape to further stabilize the wig.

With proper care, human hair is durable and versatile. However, since your wig is made up of many tiny knots, it is important to handle it carefully as the knots can work loose, causing the hair to fall out. Any time you are going to style your wig, you should place it carefully onto a wig block (available from wig retailers) and pin it down across the lace front, using a piece of twill tape between the pins and the lace to help protect and stabilize the lace (this is called “blocking”). Twill tape is a simple woven band that can be purchased at any sewing or craft store – narrow silk ribbon or bias tape can also be used to block a wig.

You can brush and comb your wig as needed, but it is best to use a wide toothed comb or wig brush as they are most gentle on the hair. If the hair has become excessively tangled, use a spray on conditioner or de-tangler, available at any super store or drug store. To learn more about washing any human hair wig, check out this guide

You can use heat tools to style human hair wigs, but be careful to use a low temperature and keep a close eye on the hair to ensure it doesn’t over heat. If you are going to use heat on your wig frequently, purchase a heat barrier/protector spray and apply it to the wig before using heat. Depending on the style, you may want to use rollers to style your wig – if you roll your wig, it is very important to make sure the wig is blocked down correctly as the tension of the hair in the roller can tear the lace and other foundation materials.

Human hair wigs work well with most commercial hair products – gels and mousse can be applied while the wig is damp, hair spray can be used to set a style – be wary of reapplying hair spray to a wig, as it can build up quickly and cause the wig to look dull and damaged.

If you don’t feel comfortable washing and re-styling your wig, we offer cleaning and maintenance service for our clients.