A lace front refers to the foremost visible edge of the wig, that part that covers the forehead and hairline. Because the fine piece of wig lace (a transparent mesh) disappears when laid on skin, wig makers use it for the front edge of wigs – we tie tiny knots into the fine mesh to create a natural, realistic hairline and then let the lace drape out over the forehead so that the fine knots of hair appear to be growing out of the clients own scalp.
Lace Front WigHard Front WigOn the left. a ventilated (hand knotted) wig with a lace front. On the right, a machine made “fashion” wig with a hard front. The small “flaps”¬†visible¬†on the temples of the lace front wig are glued down during normal wear to present a seamless front. A lace front is more natural in appearance and also allows for a more accurate and comfortable fit.